Yaris and New Girl

May 8th, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

So yesterday I got up early and Blake drove me to get my rental car so that I could go to the last day of filming the TV play. I was able to get another Toyota Yaris, the car that I am madly in love with from the last time I rented one, and frankly still am.

The filming went well, smoothly, and we even finished early. There was a little fuss from one of the actors about signing a release, but the fact that this is finally over, after turning into a really difficult situation, nobody really cares anymore whether or not the thing is ever edited together or not. Sign the release, don’t sign the release. Lesson learned, though, is don’t leave the release signing to the last day of filming!

Then I walked Groovy and Sasha and Mia and after that, Mom and I went to the New Girl event at the TV Academy. I have never seen the show, but the season finale looked pretty good. The cast all seemed to really like each other and have fun riffing at the talkback, but there is only so long that I am interested in hearing people make jokes about something I have no idea what they are talking about.

One cute thing was that two of the boys really look a lot alike, both short and dark, and they talked about how they were worried that they wouldn’t get cast because they looked so much alike and would call each other to make sure they didn’t dress alike at the callbacks. the audience laughed, and they said, “Seriously, we didn’t co-ordinate today, and look what happened!” and stood next to each other. They had totally dressed in similar coloured pants, shirts and shoes! Very cute.

Zoey Deschanel said that they almost didn’t want to cast all of the women, since they all had dark hair and bangs as well. That I noticed, thinking as I was watching, “Why do these people live in a land where all of the women are brunettes with bangs?” New Girl, taking place on a planet where everyone looks alike, except for the one black guy.

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This Means War isn’t Think Like a Man

May 7th, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

Yesterday, no car meant no going to church, which was weird. I rarely went when I lived in the Northeast, but Mom never misses, so I don’t either out here. Therefor not going means that it couldn’t possibly be Sunday, but the day before was Saturday, so what day was this? My mind, it explodes!

We also missed The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the Academy, which I did want to see, but what are you gonna do.

Went over to Blake’s house so that he could take me to get my renal car in the morning (he picked me up, don’t want you to get confused by the whole no car thing, “But how did she get there? I do not understand!” See? I look out for you) and we watched This Means War.

When he suggested it, I said that I had heard that it was really good and vastly underrated. He agreed. Later I mentioned that I heard it was getting an all black audience, but it should break out from that. He was confused, then I figured that it was not Steve Harvey’s movie, Think Like a Man. I wished that we hadn’t worked it out, and I had watched the movie, confused, wondering why everyone in it was white.

This Means War, on the other hand, was exactly as bad as it was reported, especially in that it was completely unbelievable that there would be any rivalry between the two characters, as one of them was so clearly superior to the other, there would be no contest. There would also be no movie, but that would have been fine. This was, however, the first time I had ever seen Chelsea Handler, having been entirely put off by what I knew about her persona, but one shouldn’t judge a book by her cover, because she was terrific–very funny and charismatic, and I wished the whole movie was about her rather than Reese Witherspoon. Man, remember when she was a serious actress who won an Oscar?

It was also the second anniversary of my breaking my finger. Thanks a lot, Tita, though I still miss you anyway.

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Two cars down

May 6th, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

Well, when it rains it pours!

Yesterday Blake invited me and Mom to join him and his friend Alex who was visiting from NY and our friend John to have lunch at the Queen Mary. This is the kind of thing only people who move here think of, it would never have crossed my mind to go to the Queen Mary, I haven’t been since grade school, probably a field trip, but it’s completely awesome and LA natives should think about going more often!

When we got there, they were doing this weird thing where they were collecting the parking money up front instead of when you leave, and since if you are having lunch you can get a validation and it’s only $5 instead of $12. There was some sort of a car show happening, which is why they were doing that, and they said that we could get our money back at the end. Okey-doke.

Lunch was great, and we went all over the ship, though if I come again I definitely want to do the audio tour. I love an audio tour. Then it was time to go, and we all decided to go over to John’s place. He is staying nearby, in the hills, in a million dollar home that a friend of his owns and I hadn’t seen yet. So we got in the car and went to the exit.

You know what happened, right? We asked for the refund, and they looked at us as though we had three heads each, with purple horns growing out of them. They knew nothing about refunds, they said that the validation stamp was not from the restaurant, their suggestion was that we go back in and ask there. Okey-doke. So we went back in and stood in line at the ticket booth. For a very very long time. Finally we got to the front, and I explained the whole story to the woman at the counter, (who recognized our validation immediately as being from the restaurant, by the way), and who then got on the phone for a very long time.

Finally, some minutes later, she said that the guy in charge of parking didn’t know what we were talking about, but it was clear to her, so she just refunded us out of her drawer. Thank you, awesome lady who works at the ticket counter at the Queen Mary!

Then we were driving to John’s place, straight up this long, curvy hill in a million degree heat, when the Bug started to make some noise. It was knocking and knocking, and then banging and banging, and the whole thing didn’t sound very good. When we got to John’s, we had him look at the car, since he’s a car guy, and he said that it needed oil. So after hanging out for a while, we left to get some oil before the long drive to Beverly Hills, followed by the long drive home, in a car that sounded like it was infested with a combination of timpanists and poltergeists.

We went to a couple of gas stations to get the oil, and where we got it I also saw a lady drop her credit card and gave it back to her, and she was so grateful that she bought me five lottery tickets for the giant Super Lotto. A really great ending to the story would be that I then won, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It was a sweet gesture nonetheless.

The oil in the car helped for approximately five minutes, then the banging continued. If it hadn’t been Saturday evening, Mom would have had the car towed to her Volkswagen guy, because she does have one tow per year than can be 100 miles, not just to the nearest garage.

We made it to Beverly Hills, watched The Avengers, which I thought was the greatest movie ever in the history of movies (except for Cabin in the Woods, but Mom wasn’t nuts about, though she loved Robert Downey, Jr.

We drove home, tensely, certain that the car would conk out any second, but we made it. And Mom decided that this morning she would have it towed to the garage, she wasn’t driving it one more inch.

Then, on a whim, because her friend Joan did and she got an email about it, she joined Facebook. I guarantee you that she will never post there.

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Driving Miss Kymmie

May 5th, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

So yesterday, first thing we dropped the car off at the garage. I decided that I didn’t need a car for the weekend, so I am going to rent my car on Monday instead, so Mom drove me to my dog walks all day. I missed rehearsal, because I really couldn’t ask Mom to drive me all the way there, and they could do fine without me, and there were only four walks, so it was a pretty easy day.

Mom dropped me off at Larry’s, then ran some errands. When I was done I went to Bob’s and had a coke, then she picked me up and took me to Cassie and Donnie’s, then Groovy’s (“That’s it, that’s the pole I hit.”), then Sasha and Mia’s. It wasn’t too hot, fortunately, because Mom was sitting in the car reading all day, and there isn’t any air conditioning, because it’s a 1970 Volkswagen bug.

At one point I was walking around, and suddenly my knee, which still hurt after however many weeks it has been, went CLICK! which hurt like hell, but then it was fine! I was CURED!

Later on, it started to hurt again, so maybe not so cured, but it’s definitely better than it was.

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Interesting times

May 4th, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

So, yesterday was a really super-interesting day, the definition of interesting being in the “May you live in interesting times” curse kind of definition of the word.

Rehearsal in the morning, which was fine, then breakfast with Blake with made me late for my last walk with sweet little Honey, the yorkie. I didn’t have Larry, which meant that I totally miscalculated the timing, and it wouldn’t have mattered at all that I was late, except that the owner was there. He didn’t seem to mind, but I had never met him before and felt like a real dope.

I’ll miss Honey, she’s a good little girl, but she got walked because the owner was living in a hotel until his house was built or remodeled or something, so I assume that there will be a backyard situation and that’s why she won’t need a midday walk anymore.

I was going to work at the studio for Blake that evening, so I rushed through the day like a crazy person, which is why I what happened ended up happening.

I always park in the same spot under Groovy’s building, but yesterday my spot was taken, so I had to park in the next spot over. Which is next to a giant yellow pole. This may or may not be foreshadowing.

I finished the walk with relief that I was going to make it to Santa Monica on time, pulled out of the space, and CRASH! I had forgotten that I was in a different parking space and was pulling out as though I was in the space I was usually in, the one not next to a pole, and had hit said pole. I got out of the car, hoping to see maybe a teeny dent. Here’s the thing with plastic cars, you don’t teeny dents, the whole front bumper had been ripped off.

So I had hysterics and called Blake to call the station and tell them that I couldn’t be there, then tried to call Mom, but she didn’t answer. I texted Groovy’s owner and asked if she minded if I hung out at her place while I tried to reach my Mom, because I didn’t know what to do, if I should get the car towed to the garage or not, and where was the garage, etc.

I sat in Groovy’s apartment, sobbing, until I had to stop because the dog was completely freaking out, licking my face and jumping up and down on my lap. “FEEL BETTER!!!!” was the not-so-subtle dog subtext, so I calmed down.

I kept trying to reach Mom, I called her cell phone, I called the house phone, I kept calling and calling and she never answered. I started getting really worried. I decided that I couldn’t all day, so borrowed the owner’s painting tape and taped the bumper back on, then slowly drove home.

As I got closer and closer, I started getting more and more frightened about what I would find when I got home. I really thought that Mom might be dead. I pulled into the driveway, her car was there. Then I went into the house, calling her name, she wasn’t downstairs. I ran upstairs, “Mom? Mom?” and finally she answered. She came out of her room and I was completely sobbing. I explained that I had had an accident and that I couldn’t reach her and I thought she was dead. Apparently, the ringer was off on her phone, which she had forgotten to turn back on, and she had been taking a nap, and you can’t hear the house phone from her room.

God, what a couple of hours. The accident was bad enough, ripping the bumper off your car is pretty upsetting at the best of time, but not being able to reach Mom was so scary. I could have gone to choir because I wasn’t going to the station, but I just was not in the mood. I went to bed early instead.

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Forgetting dogs

May 3rd, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

Well, the show didn’t get canceled, everyone decided to be grownups and finish it up, if for no other reason that the student camera operators are doing this show for their class and they are learning one heck of a lot. So we stayed together for the sake of the children. On the other hand, some of us just might be counting the hours until Monday at 4p.

Last night, I took my laundry over to Blake’s to do it, not because he has a washer/dryer, which he doesn’t, but to go to the laundromat and eat that the diner. It’s more fun than doing my laundry by myself, and I really really needed to do it, as I was on my last pair of underwear but one.

When I was pulling into the driveway I Blake’s, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to walk a dog! For the first time ever in the four years I have been doing this, I had missed a stop! The reason being that I normally walk them around 1.30p, but today I was supposed to do it at 5p. So I turned around without stopping and called Blake. “Are you here?” “Yes, but I’m leaving! I’ll be back in about 40 minutes!”

Rushed over to the dog’s house, and the owner hadn’t come home early and the dogs hadn’t peed on the floor and all was well, but hopefully this won’t happen again as I practically had a heart attack.

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Goodness gracious me

May 2nd, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

Well, that was an extremely interesting rehearsal and aftermath yesterday. There is a chance that this TV movie will not be finished, and there is a chance that if this happens, I won’t particularly care. We will see.

So I had the interesting rehearsal, then did my patented race off to work and get through those walks as fast as possibly, then race back to Santa Monica for the theatre talk show, this time using the scripts that Blake and I wrote with the host on Saturday, and it was much better! My best joke was left out, which saddened me, but the whole thing was much smoother.

At one point, Blake asked me to mic everyone and I did it with the grace, confidence and ability of a baby elephant. The teacher of the student camera operators looked at the monitor at one point and said, “Who put those mics on?” I answered, “The ones that were done really poorly? That would be me!” She grinned and said, “We’re going to have to have a little lesson on how to mic properly!” Apparently, I shouldn’t feel shy about sticking my hand up people’s jackets like they are glove puppets and not try to hide them under their collars, as they end up coming out and waving at the camera like football fans standing behind the roving reporter doing a piece about Gang Green (J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!).

If only the show would be canceled, I’d get to sleep in the mornings again.

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Third day of shooting

May 1st, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

Yesterday was the third day of shooting, and I draw a veil over the entire experience. Only one more day of this to go.

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Josh and Pirates

April 30th, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

Yesterday was all Josh all the time. Morning walk, noon walk, then dogsitting from 4p-10p, but somehow I also managed to see a movie and go to the church festival! I am a genius of time management!

Went to the early morning mass, then Josh had his morning walk, then rush home, pick up Mom and race to the Academy to see The Pirates! Band of Misfits, or as it is much more amusingly titled in the UK, The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. I suppose they thought that Americans would be frightened off by the term “scientist,” as everyone knows that Frith created the world and the stars from his droppings.

But no matter what it’s called, it’s hilarious and wonderful and everyone should go see it immediately!

Then back home, walked Josh while Mom went to church, as there isn’t the smallest chance on earth that she would ever voluntarily make the 7.30a mass without at least two guns to her head. One gun wouldn’t cut it. Then was the church festival, which was rides that I didn’t go on and games I mostly didn’t play, but it was fun to walk around it and eat and look at stuff. I don’t remember the last time I was in town for the festival, maybe when I was 13? I filled out a raffle ticket, but did not win $5000, and we looked at the silent auction stuff, but the only thing I would have bid on, the autographed picture of the cast of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I would have to be a rich person to do so.

Then my nice, relaxing six hours with Josh, which I always enjoy. I watched three episodes of Saturday Night Live on the DVR, as I haven’t seen a single ep this entire year. I saw the Emma Stone, Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum hosted ones, and frankly, had I seen Channing Tatum’s ep before seeing 21 Jump Street, I wouldn’t have been so surprised at how funny he was!

Third shooting day tomorrow, and early rehearsals all week. But at least it’s the last week of them, because I am getting tired of sunrises.

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Twelve hours at the studio

April 29th, 2012  / Author: The Mighty Kymm

So Blake and I have been directing this show about theatre in Santa Monica for the TV station, it’s like a much smaller Theater Talk, the PBS show about Broadway with Michael Riedel and Susan Haskins. For the first four shows, the host just talked off the top of his head, but we thought it would be better if he had intros and outros written and memorized so that he wouldn’t say “um” or look down at his notes.

We met the host at the station for a writing session that Blake thought would take maybe an hour. I thought he was nuts, that it would take much longer, but even I underestimated the four hours that it took. Intros and outros for eight segments over four shows, as well as question ideas.

After that, we put together the set for the scenes of our TV movie that we are shooting on Monday, then did the shot sheets. We ended up being at the studio for twelve hours. I missed seeing The Five Year Engagement at the Academy, which didn’t break my heart, though Mom really liked it a lot.

Originally, I was going to be taking care of Josh yesterday, which would have meant an 8a walk, a noon walk and then babysitting from 4p-10p, but through a misunderstanding the owner got someone else. That turned out for the best, that’s for certain!

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